Why Most Small Business Owners Fail With Their Marketing

Why Most Business Owners Fail With Their Marketing

In a previous era of advertising, businesses will create one ad creative and have that published on a newspaper, print directory and flyer. Cross our fingers and let's hope it generates a good return!

That era has ceased to exist. 

Most business owners struggle to find success with their marketing for one reason:

They plug and play.

Said it and forget it with their ads.

Remember the first time you tried Google or Facebook ads? Most business owners will create one ad and hope for the best without much, if any recalibration on their ad.

Online advertising allows us the opportunity to be thorough in testing, monitoring and recalibrating our marketing efforts to optimize our results. The more militant you are with adjusting your ad based on the data provided, the stronger the performance you'll see.

If you're a farmer looking to grow crops, you can't just plant a seed and hope it grows. You must water, maintain, and cultivate your crop to see a healthy yield. 

It takes time, expertise and care to develop a proper ad through Facebook, Google Adwords and other platforms. 

When running a Facebook ad, the common business owner will create an ad, said it and forget it and hope for the best. The Facebook specialist will test multiple ad variations and choose to allocate their budget accordingly with the ads that generate the best results.

Are you putting that same care in to your marketing? There is no doubt we live in a DIY generation where the knowledge is available for any business owner to access online. Here at Canvas we always encourage any business owners to gain a greater understanding of digital marketing for their own benefit. 

We just want you to ensure to take precautions when considering how much of your time and expertise you want to put in to marketing. Opportunity cost is the name of the game. 

About the Author

Joel Xu | Founder at Canvas Creative Digital and Model Millennials

Joel is the Founder of Canvas Creative Digital, a digital marketing business helping nonprofit organizations acquire new donors and the founder of Model Millennials, a Millennial lifestyle blog and podcast. Prior to these projects, he was the Head Sales Coach for British Columbia at Yellow Pages in charge of developing growth plans for two departments and dozens of sales reps.