Alissa Chi is an Aveda trained hairstylist in Vancouver, B.C. Canvas implemented a pay-per-click Facebook and Instagram Ads generating enough traction to book her calendar solid for the next month in just a short span of time! 

See what Alissa has to say about the Canvas service:

“Working with Joel has been amazing! He’s helped me grow my business significantly in such a short period of time. He knows what needs to be done and how to help! Im so excited to continue my journey with Joel to grow my business!” - Alissa Chi


  • Booked calendar full for the next month!

  • Social paid ads on Facebook and Instagram

    • 34 Book Now Leads and 167 clicks to her Instagram

    • 516 Clicks to Landing Page

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We went down the website creation and Google AdWords avenue with Seymour Nail & Spa. The owner Helen felt as though she was abandoned by her last web designer. That's when Canvas stepped in to repair the damages. We created a beautifully designed website for her. We then extended her digital presence through running a Google AdWords campaign. 


  • Search Engine and mobile friendly website

  • Google AdWords (31 Day Campaign)

    • 6003 Impressions

    • 192 Clicks

    • 81 Qualified Leads

    • 344% ROI

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The owner, Moe at Empire Barbershop has set his sights to be known as the best barbershop in Toronto. Their haircuts deliver a WOW factor and they needed an online presence to do the same. We're walking down the social media and search engine marketing avenues to extend Empire Barbershop's reach across the Toronto area. 


  • Instagram Content Creation and Management

  • Google AdWords

    • 12,509 Impressions

    • 159 clicks

    • 97 qualified leads

    • 327% ROI

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